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Generator Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silent generator?

A Silent generator is generally an old design indirect injection fuelled engine which has been quietened by means of putting an canopy over the engine and charging unit.

What is a Super Silent generator?

A Super Silent generator is an industry standard set for events which required a quieter solution to the Silent generator. The engine design is around 15 years old, uses a lot of fuel in comparison to 2014 technology.

What is an Ultra Silent generator?

An Ultra Silent generator is the latest Tier 3 approved engine with emission that are as strict as Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicle engines which are only allowed into Low Emission Zones in Europe. Any brand new generator sold in Europe now must meet Tier 3 standards.

What is 3 Phase?

In a three-phase cable there is 3 live wires. The cable can deliver 3 times the current (amps) than a single phase cable with only one neutral and one earth.

What is an industry standard IP44 Commando Plug & Socket?

The first number 4 denotes Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm. The second number 4 denotes Protection against water spray (rain) from all directions.

What is a Distro box?

A Distro box is a shortened name for a Distribution box. A IP44 rated junction box which either splits a single or 3 phase supply into smaller current or voltage sockets.

What is an RCBO?

An RCBO combines the operation of the traditional MCB and RCD into one unit. The RCBO contains thermal or magnetic trips. Some RCBOs contain both thermal and magnetic trips, just as an MCB does.

Why do I need an earth ground rod?

If a malfunction derived from a mechanical failure or human interference occurred the ground rod works in conjunction with RDC, MCB or RCBO devices to help eliminate mechanical damage and or electric shock.

Why do people PAT test?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) indicates that an electrical appliance is functioning correctly and has no insulation leaks likely to trip MCB, RCD, or RCBO trips.

What is the cost per litre or fuel?

We buy bulk fuel which allows us to supply fuel, and the a filtration process at between 10% - 20% of the equivalent fuel quality available at the pump.

Why are your Ultra Silent generators so economical?

Just as the latest Euro 5 & 6 engines fitted to vehicles comply with the latest emission laws in Europe so do generators. Older Super Silent generators will continue to smoke and burn excessive amounts of fuel until they die.

Why do you need to know the caterers total power needs?

Sometimes the caterers will require 75% or more of the total power requirement. The generator size normally depends on the caterers.

DIY wiring an event, is it easy?

If you have a total reserve capacity of 25% fully loaded the chances of making a mistake is vastly reduced. Advice can be given subject to a list of required power sockets.