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Lighting Tower Hire

Product Name: Lighting Tower

Description: Maximum height 9m Galvanized telescopic mast 4 galvanized stabilizers adjustable in height Hydraulic lifting system Tower routable by hand at 340 degrees Certified wind stability until 100 Km/h Electrical coiled cable for feeding the floodlights On/Off switches one for each two lamps 4 high efficency metal halidefloodlights Lamps complete of bulb Structure assembled on a single axle trailer 170 litres long run fuel tank More than 200 hours running time Central lifting hook Kohler Engine with 12V electric start Sound proof canopy Easy access for the mantenaince due to to large lockable doors

Price: £149.00 per Each  

Volume Price: £ 99.00 per 4  

Hire Period: 24hrs


Availability: All London Boroughs, South-East Counties

Weight: 800 Kg.

Item Number: EGH-637

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